Simcha Rotem Obituary

(1924 - 2018)
Simcha Rotem (1924 – 2018) was one of the last living fighters from the heroic Warsaw ghetto uprising against the Nazis during World War II. He died December 22, 2018, in Jerusalem at the age of 94.

Rotem was a Warsaw native who was injured during a German bombing campaign. Many of his relatives including his brother were killed. He was among the large Jewish population of Warsaw who were forced to live in the infamous Warsaw ghetto by the Nazis.

When the Nazis started to deport those in the Ghetto to the concentration camps, some decided to fight against the Nazis. The Nazis then entered the ghetto and set it on fire, trying to destroy the remaining fighters. The resistance would bravely battle the Nazis for a month before finally being defeated.

Rotem, whose underground nickname was “Kazik,” was a courier between the bunkers and a fighter. He helped the few remaining fighters escape the ghetto through sewer tunnels. After the war, he immigrated to Israel and fought in the war of independence.

On the 70th anniversary of the uprising in 2013, Rotem was honored by Poland for his role in the resistance.

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